Dr. Daniel Akin Endorses Huckabee

Dr. Daniel AkinOne of the SBC’s most respected leaders (and one of my favorite preachers), Dr. Daniel Akin, recently endorsed Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee. The brief report says that

Akin made the endorsement as a private citizen, telling The News & Observer newspaper that the former Arkansas governor’s positions on issues, such his opposition to abortion rights and his support of the traditional family, closely align with his own positions.

You can check out the story here.



2 responses to “Dr. Daniel Akin Endorses Huckabee

  • nathanfinn

    JC–I didn’t know you’d gone rogue with your own blog!


  • coppenger

    I’ve been discovered! I think that you are the only one who knows though… With the birth of Josiah coming in February, we figured we would provide a place for family spread around the world to watch him grow up and all that good stuff. My wife will be posting stuff too. But make no mistake, I am as committed to the Witness as ever!!!
    BTW, are you speaking at the Calvinism and SBC conference?

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