Life with Josiah

elph-dec-feb-271.jpgAs I was reading and preparing to be a mom, I read the highly recommended book, “Baby Wise” which Jed and I decided we would implement in our family to have order and structure in our lives and Josiah’s.  As I read the book, I thought, “This seems relatively simple.  We put him on a 2 1/2-3 hour schedule and everything falls into place and he will be sleeping through the night by 6 weeks old.  Great!”  Unfortunately Josiah’s arrival into the Coppenger house wasn’t this simple.  The first few hours at home were filled with lots of tears (from both Josiah and mom) and me quickly learning this “Baby Wise” wasn’t as easy as it sounded.  I was never more thankful and excited to see my mom and my sister arrive that Thursday evening.  They were so helpful at giving me advice, taking over the cooking and cleaning and helping me with diaper changes, first baths and teaching us the ever-wonderful technique of swaddling!  Grandma and Aunt Erin got to stay for a few days and then Granny Shusha came in on Sunday and continued to be a gracious servant in the kitchen, with the housework and being my personal assistant.  Jed and I sought parenting advice from anyone who would give it to us–I was really feeling desperate for some good sleep!!  My loving husband was so kind and thoughtful to send me away for an evening of much needed rest, so before Granny Shusha left, she and Jed took over the reigns for a whole night and I headed to the Bethancourts and received a much needed eight hours of sleep!!  Josiah did great that night, sleeping for 3 consecutive hours at a time, which at that point was a record!  His sleeping patterns have only improved since then and he is sleeping an average 4-6 hours  at night and Mom and Dad are both so very thankful!! 

Josiah is starting to hold his head up and look around more.  He’s got a strong neck!!  And last Saturday we took him in to have him weighed and he was up to 8 pounds!!  He had gained one pound and four ounces over the course of a week.  Mama is proud!  And today I would say that he has started smiling more…usually it was just before he fell asleep, but today it was during his wake time, so I am looking forward to more of these moments.  He seems to be enjoying his waketime more and I love watching Jed play with him during those times.  We even got to go outside today because of the nice weather and I think he really enjoyed the fresh air! 

This week he will be three weeks old and I cannot believe how his looks have already started changing.  All the nurses told me that the time would fly by, so soak it all up.  So as the time keeps flying by, I’ll try to keep you all posted on all of his changes and the many things he is learning.  I’m loving being a Mom and I think we have the greatest son ever!


3 responses to “Life with Josiah

  • The Cox family

    What a beautiful picture of your handsome boy! You have much to be proud and thankful for. It’s true about time flying by, and cherishing each moment as they come. It’s wonderful to hear that you and Jed have so much encouragement and godly advise from loving family and friends… that’s the best source/resource you can have. Books on parenting are great in their own respect, but as you have obviously found…. real life can often be as far from what you’ve read as possible. Again, you all look wonderful and sounds like family life has blessed you tremendously. We continue to lift you all in prayer and look forward to many more updates.
    In christ,
    The Cox Family

  • Hank Osborne

    Congratulations! What a beautiful boy. Our most recent little boy is named Josiah as well. We have three boys.

    In reference to Babywise, you might want to check out

    The writer of this blog knows Babywise inside and out and offers some great encouragement and tips. She has even joined us over at which is an official site of GFI, an organization created by the authors of Babywise. I’m the sys admin of the site.

    Hank Osborne

  • Erin Waters

    Josiah is starting to look most definately like Jed…with a bit of Melanie at the nose, which is good b/c Melanie is the only one in our family with a good nose. Cute…I thought his hair would’ve fallen out by now and started coming in platinum, but not so. Good job holding on to your hair, Josiah. He sure is looking healthy and cute.

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