Happy 6 month Birthday!

Josiah is half a year old today!  Wow!  I cannot believe how quickly 6 months have gone by.  What an absolute joy he is to our lives.  This morning I was thanking God for blessing our family with such a sweet, determined, super-smile little boy who also just happens to have the cutest chunky thighs!  We love him to pieces and are so excited to see what new things he is going to discover each and every day.  He is sitting totally on his own now and even puts a little bounce in there every once in a while.  He is eating cereal twice a day and has now moved to sitting in the high chair for meals-such a big boy!  He rolls all over the place, especially when he is in his crib.  We will put him on his stomach facing one of the walls. When we come back in he is on the total opposite end, facing a different direction and on his back!!  It is quite humerous.  Somehow he has figured out how to turn the mobile on that hangs over his crib. When we hear it come on during his nap time and check on him, he’s just watching the creatures rotate around-basically he’s a genius!  Not crawling yet, but he turns and pushes up on his arms like he’s really going to go somewhere.  But then he just ends up rolling over.  He is more interested in standing up and “dancing” or riding the horse on daddy’s knee.  We go in tomorrow for his 6 month check up, so I’ll post his stats after the appointment.  Here are a few recent pics for your enjoyment:

july 2008 063 by you.


july 2008 054 by you.


july 2008 001 by you.


july 2008 026 by you.


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