He looks great!

We just returned from Josiah’s 6 month checkup and the doctor said everything looks great!  For those familiar with his lingering neck rash, we have been given a prescription, so hopefully he will start looking even more handsome!  We will go to the seminary soon and get the three shots due this month, but after this round, he won’t need anymore till 9 months!  (I’m really happy about this!!)  And his next appointment won’t be until 9 months.  Be on the look out for a vegetable feeding update soon-there will be avocado served tomorrow night!!

His 6 month stats:

Weight:  17 lbs. 2 oz. (50%)

Height:  26 1/8″ (50%)

Head:  18 in.


july 2008 056 by you.


4 responses to “He looks great!

  • Becky Akins

    He is too precious! I love that he has rubberband wrists and ankles! What a great mommy you are…and looks like you guys are always having so much fun!

  • Cami

    Let me know when the guacamole is being served so I can join in! I’ll bring the chips!

  • Granny Shusha

    Keep up the good work on parenting and blogging! It’s hard to imagine but this is just about my favorite place to go and it makes me so happy that you’re posting things so often.

    What a fine little man we have in the making and I am so thankful for the fine mommy and daddy that he has!

  • Melanie

    Cami, we already started the guacamole this past week. I’m sorry we didn’t call. But we did capture it on video! Hopefully, it will be up soon.

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