Wordless Wednesday

We had a visit Sunday afternoon from the Coldfront/Ike combo, which produced hurricane force winds.  Here is Josiah trying to be a good neighbor and help push the very large tree off of our neighbor’s patio.  Almost all of our friends are still without power and the Seminary cancelled classes for the week, however, their power was restored yesterday afternoon.  I believe the weather man said this crazy weather phenomenon last happened in 1958, so Josiah has now weathered a tornado, an earthquake and a crazy wind phenom!  What an exciting life he’s had and he’s only 7 months along!


One response to “Wordless Wednesday

  • Josh and Candace

    Hey guys! Just lookin at your pics. Josiah is adorable! He seems like such a happy baby! We can’t believe he’s already 7 mon. I guess since we’ve never seen him he seems to grow a lot faster, ha ha! We hope to see ya’ll over here sometime in the future. If you haven’t already looked at it our blog site is jclanford.blogspot.com.

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