Hush Puppies!

The all-day-long nausea has now set in and I’ve spent most of my days laying on the couch when Josiah is napping and trying to not get sick.  I haven’t found my comfort food for this pregnancy yet.  With Josiah I wanted cherry Icee’s all the time. Sunday night I could not figure out what I wanted to eat for dinner.  Then it hit me, I all the sudden knew what would cure my queezy stomach…HUSH PUPPIES!  I ran downstairs and told Jed I wanted hush puppies for dinner.  And his response was, “Is that even a real food?”  I said, “No, it’s really just fried batter, but I don’t care.  That’s what I’m wanting to eat tonight.”  Well, I never made it to the local seafood restaurant, but I’m wondering if this time around I’m going to have the weird pregnant lady cravings.  I’ve been taking a B6 vitamin supplement everyday, thanks to my friend Julie, and I’m wondering if just maybe it could be helping me out?!  I’ve felt a little better the past two days, so right now I’m hopeful that this nausea won’t be lasting me till Christmas.


One response to “Hush Puppies!

  • Molly

    Melanie, I don’t think we actually know each other, but I ran across your blog from Anna Lyles.

    One thing that helped me when I was pregnant with my twins, was to take Ginger Root Pills. They are perfectly safe and worked wonders for me!

    Hope that helps – and congrats on the pregnancy!

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