Josiah’s Latest Happenings…


4 responses to “Josiah’s Latest Happenings…

  • Chesed

    That is the BEST short film I have ever seen- in my life- EVER.

  • Granny

    What a little man! He is so, so precious. I can’t believe that he is already walking. This is the best video I have ever seen and I’m not even slightly prejudiced. The music selection is fine and the cupboard music is… (only his Grandpa could come up with the right word).

    Thank you for this. I love you.

    Granny Shusha

  • Granny

    Walkin’ Man, indeed!
    As for “Momma Tried,” I’m already saving up for bail.

  • Theresa

    Mel he is so cute! My favorite part is when he is beating the dish towel with a spoon and then decides to start chewing on it! So cute – so hard to believe that in a few months (ok well 7 or so) Kingston will be such a little man too- ahh! We need to chat on the phone soon – I miss you 🙂

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