Half Way There!

This week marks the 20th week of my pregnancy!  Yippee!  We will go in on Thursday morning and have our ultrasound to check the development of this baby and to hopefully identify the gender.  I can’t wait to start calling baby #2 boy or girl, and then hopefully by his/her name.  At this point I am thinking somewhere around 55% girl and 45% boy.  Some days I feel like it is definately a boy and then others a girl.  I haven’t had any strong feelings one way or another, as I did with Josiah, so this is definitely going to be a surprise this time.  All I know is that this baby is positioned directly on my bladder! 

Feel free to post your predictions for baby #2.  We will let you know the report later this week. 



2 responses to “Half Way There!

  • Cami

    I say BOY! That way Boy Coppenger and Nathan can balance out Abigail and Baby Girl Powell. But, I’ve been wrong before…

  • Julie

    GIRL, GIRL, GIRL!! I have been thinking for weeks it is a girl! This way Abigail will have a boyfriend and a best friend–this sounds like a good plan! Can’t wait to find out!

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