Happy Birthday Jed!!

This time last year we were recovering our Camry from the Babies R Us parking lot after a tornado swept through the St. Matthews area of Louisville.  We were also both sick and trying our best to recover so that we would be healthy for the birth of Josiah.  So for Jed’s birthday last year we spent the day calling the insurace company, trying to get our Camry towed to a shop, and nursing ourselves back to health.  Everything you dream of doing on your birthday! 

It seemed there would be no way to top last years birthday…however, Louisville received an ice/snow storm that has knocked out power to about 250,000 Louisville citizens and cancelled classes at Southern Seminary for the remainder of the week.    So for the past two days we have spent time in various locations seeking heat and electricity.  There have been gracious families that have taken us in for the past two nights and this weekend Josiah and I will be accompanying the basketball team to Knoxville, TN to celebrate “Da Da’s” first birthday and to stay warm. 

Such exciting birthdays, but we are hoping next year we will get to have a normal birthday celebration.  Happy 29th Birthday Jed.  We love you and are so thankful for the way you love and provide for us, lead and care for us, as well as entertain us!


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