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Our big one year old!!

One year ago today on a very snowy day our little man was born! What an amazing year he has blessed us with and how quickly it has flown by. I remember the nurses telling me to enjoy every moment because the years seem to go by faster than we realize and their words are so true.

It has been so much fun to see our little guy learn to sleep (and sleep so well!!), eat, roll over, discover his hand and feet, sit up, stand up, crawl, walk, clap, wave, say mama, dada and uh-oh, and so many other things. His blooming personality is such a joy to watch. It seems that everyday he is discovering something new to do or some challenge to overcome.

Here are a few first year happenings:
Now sleeping 12 hours at night!!
Started walking at 10 months and is now cruising along quite well.
Has two bottom teeth, one top and three others pushing through on the top.
Has a serious attachment to a blue blanket that goes everywhere with us and that always seems to help him cope with his hard life.
Loves to eat grilled cheese sandwiches, bananas and applesauce.
Loves to have books read to him.
Enjoys baths, seeing Daddy come down in the morning, snuggling with his parents.
Hates getting his clothes and diaper changed.

And here are a few pictures to capture his growth over this past year.  We love you so much Josiah and are so excited to celebrate your birthday with you!

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