Susannah Beth Coppenger!!











22 responses to “Susannah Beth Coppenger!!

  • devin

    The third one up from the bottom demonstrates the same frustration Josiah felt when he was told about his sisters gender several months ago. Classic!

  • coppenger

    That was Josiah and Susannah’s first meeting. It was hilarious. He warmed up to her by the end though…

  • Tiffany

    What a doll! She’s precious! Congratulations!! I love the one of Josiah thinking… I’m not so sure about this. That’s great!

  • Theresa

    She is beautiful! Congrats – my prayers are with you as you adjust to life with your new sweet baby girl! And I’ll say a prayer for Josiah too – by the look of those faces, he may need some help adjusting 🙂
    Both your babies are so precious!

  • Adam

    Awesome….you look like a chiseled vet having this second!!!! Mandy and I are on the home stretch of the third trimester now…..Madison Anne Carroll had hair in our last ultrasound. Glad to see everything went good and thanks for the pics/keeping us up to date!

  • Chesed

    I know this isn’t the appropriate post, but I’m a huge fan of Melanie’s bangs.

    • Tiffany C

      Chesed – I noticed the bangs and really like them…. Melanie – you style guru directly after delivery. You amaze me.

      Melanie, Jedidiah, and Josiah – We are so happy for you and thankful for a good and safe delivery. Alethia says she is making something for Susannah for her “birthday”

      Love you all. We are having trouble calling America at the moment.

  • papa neubrand

    Janice and I have been blessed with beautiul children and grandchildren. This n ew addition just raised the stakes. She’s a looker. That’s a pretty good looking grandma too! Great jon Mel and Jed. I’m proud. Love you all. Josiah hang in there buddy. You might need to come to PaPa’s and play in the creek with me.

  • papa neubrand

    Mel, I think she looks alot like you. But where is all the black hair? Give me a call. Love you.

  • The Bethancourts

    Coppengers great job! So sad that we had to miss the birthday of Miss Susannah. We promise to catch her as soon as we get back. Love y’all and miss you! Glad she is no longer just Baby Girl…

    She’s a beaut Clark…

  • Deda & Jeff Gaskalla

    Now really……how can Melanie look this beautiful after giving birth?? And Dad…’re not so shabby, either!! Congratulations to all. Love, Deda & Jeff

  • Aunt Susan

    Beautiful baby! Beautiful momma!
    Congratulations and God’s blessings on you all!
    Grandpa and I are working up a new rendition of “Ole Suzanna” for when we see this sweet girl.
    Love to you all and kisses around,
    Mike and Susan

  • John and Cara

    How Precious!! Seriously, Melanie…..Can women really look that beautiful after having a baby?!? You look great, and we can’t wait to meet her! See you in September! Love ya!

  • Weekly Wrap-Up: June 7, 2008 « Kingdom First

    […] The class also rejoiced in the birth of Susannah Beth Coppenger to Jed and Melanie Coppenger this week. A few pictures can be found at Jed and Melanie’s blog here. […]

  • Julie

    We are so thilled to meet Susannah!! (however, we are going to stay away for a few days because we are all recovering from sinus infections over here!) She is absolutely beautiful–I am loving that bow. We are so grateful that she came healthy with a smooth entrance into the world!
    Love you all!

  • Katie

    I just love her! So pretty! I can definitely see family resemblance in the pic with Dr. Coppenger. I see a little bit of big brother in there. And those little toes… so cute!! Kharis picked out something for Susannah and we’re excited to get it to you. Can’t wait to see you. We love you all!

  • Cara Maddox

    You really did look so great Melanie! Unbelieveable! And like Devin, I too love love that picture of Josiah and his new little friend 🙂 His face is so awesome!!! Can’t wait to meet your new little bundle! Much love to you al!

  • Erin

    Wonderful pictures…although I am missing one picture in particular.

  • Jaclyn

    Congrats Coppenger’s! Julie had shared the news at the Barry’s wedding. So happy for you all! She is beautiful and Melanie you are looking great as well!

  • Mariah Frantz

    Congrats guys! She is beautiful (Melanie you look beautiful!) and we are so excited for y’all. Hope adjusting to life as a family of 4 is going well. Y’all are in our prayers.

  • Great-grandpa Coppenger

    Good show! Beautiful mother and beautiful child!
    Josiah, wipe that frown off your face. You’re a winner on anybody’s team!


  • Deanna Casey

    Hey, Melanie, congraltulations. Your daughter is beautiful, and we are so excited for you. God bless you all!

    Love, Paul and Deanna

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