We’re back!!!

Today I drove the route to the pediatrician’s office with my eyes closed.  No, not really, but at this point I could probably do so.  We went in today for our sixth visit in five weeks.  The first two visits were for well-baby check ups and immunizations.  But our poor baby boy has been fighting the evil world of viruses/infections/colds for almost four weeks now.  We went two wednesdays ago because he had cold like symptoms and a low grade fever.  I was sure he had swine flu.  They tested him and it came back negative.  They said it was probably viral, but keep up his breathing treatments.  We did that, but the fever continued.  We went back the following Tuesday and he had a double ear infection, the left ear being infected pretty badly.  So we started amoxicillin and the doctor said that if his fever wasn’t gone in 72 hours that we should come back.  Well, 72 hours passes and his fever would disappear during the day, but come back in the evenings.  So I called this past Tuesday morning because I thought maybe the ear infection was still hanging around or he caught something else.  Go back in, the doctor checked him out and yes, ear infection is still in the left ear.  He said sometimes the body doesn’t respond to amoxicillin, so he wrote us another prescription. 

Wednesday morning we started the new medicine.  He really started acting better and actually napped during the day.  Last night was the first time he didn’t have a fever in the evening in two weeks!  I was giddy!  Praise God!!  The medicine was working and little man was getting better.  Not-so-fast…

I went to change his diaper this morning and he had hives/rash all over his tummy, back, behind his knee and along his diaper line.  I called the doctor because I thought maybe he was having an allergic reaction to the new medicine.  So, we drove to the doctor this morning and they are quite sure it was an allergic reaction and he is now taking benadryl and a new antibiotic.  Poor little man!  His bumps look just awful and he was itching like crazy.  Good news is that his ear was starting to look better already.  They think this new medicine should do the trick and hopefully we don’t have to see the pediatrician for a while………oh wait, we go back next week for Susannah’s four month check-up!  Good thing I like these doctors and good thing Josiah gets a new sticker every time we check out.


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