Please Pray for Susannah

Today we went in for Susannah’s four month well baby check-up and her pediatrician discovered a heart murmur.  He said a lot of things to me, but after I heard “heart murmur” a large lump developed in my throat and I was trying super hard not to have an emotional break down right there in front of him.  Here is what I can remember him saying:  He pointed to where he heard the murmur, which he described as a high pitched, shrill noise.  He said based on the noise, he would say there is probably a small hole.  He told me not to get too worked up because if he were to evaluate it today he thinks it’s just a hole and that holes grow up on their own.  But he’s not a heart specialist, so we have an appointment next Wednesday, October 14 at 2:30 pm to see a cardiologist.  They said the procedure should take around 30 minutes.  Our ped said that on a scale on 1-6 (6 being the worst) that her murmur falls between a 2 and a 3.  Her blood pressure and heart rate are great.  He said it’s not bothering her.  But it could also have something to do with the valves and other stuff that I can’t remember.  Please be praying for her and the appointment next week.  Please be praying that this is just a hole that is going to grow together on its own and that she will be perfectly healthy soon.  Please be praying that the doctor’s have wisdom in dealing with this situation and that we have a game plan as soon as possible.  Praise the Lord that Dr. Brooks caught this murmur today.  In the midst of all the tears and uncertainty, I am so thankful that he discovered it.  He seemed surprised that a doctor hadn’t heard it up to this point.  We will keep you all posted on her appointment and any progress.  Thank you so much for your prayers!


8 responses to “Please Pray for Susannah

  • melissa Cox

    Our Shawn had a similar situation… and the doctors basically did an ultra sound… advised to allow the hole to “heal” on it’s own. In 6 months time they couldn’t detect anything.
    We are praying for you and for Susanna. That you will be reassured through God’s mercy and grace, and that the doctors will be guided by our sovereign master’s hand and everything you need will be provided.

  • Peggy Sagers

    You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Larry Gott

    Hi, Coppengers. When my son was very young, he too was diagnosed with a heart murmur. 43 years later, he is now a highly active Captain in the Garland, TX fire dept — having been in the navy for 3 years in his 20’s. I have heard this same story from many people, and in these cases the problem over time disappears. I’ll be praying the same for your family.

    (I saw this prayer need on Dr. Moore’s twitter items.)

  • Steve Helms

    I know you don’t know me but I wanted to tell yall that my son had open heart surgery when he was three weeks old and it was scary but the Lord got us through it and my son is now 3 yrs old and healthy as an ox. I am praying for Susannah and may God’s comfort and peace be with you.

  • Granny Shusha

    Her grandpa and I, as well as our church, are praying for her and her family!

    Love you –

  • Al

    We are praying, too! What did the cardiologist say yesterday?

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