Party, Praises and Pics

It’s been reported that I stink at blogging, so I’m attempting to do a better job and this post will be about our last month.

On September 20, Grandpa Coppenger celebrated 100 years of life and we all went to Arkansas to enjoy the party.  This was our first big road trip with both kids and it went a lot smoother than anticipated, considering Josiah had a double ear infection and we weren’t aware of it at the time.  He was a trooper!

grandpa's 100

The birthday man, grandkids and great-grandchildren


 Thanks so much for your prayers, calls, texts regarding Susannah and her appointment with the pediatric cardiologist.  We had the appointment on Wednesday, October 14  (sorry for just now getting this out), and the doctor did an ultrasound of her heart and he said that the bottom two chambers of the heart have a wall between them and where all of that comes together at the tip, she has a small hole.  He made it sound like this is very common and he told us that she is not in any pain or having any problems breathing/pumping blood to the body (we actually could see her heart in action and it was so cool!).  He said everything else with her heart looks perfect.  He couldn’t tell us exactly when it would grow together, being that it could be months or years.  He just told us that we need to keep monitoring her and that when she sees a doctor, let them know about the murmur.  Apparently as the hole gets smaller, the noise gets louder, so it may be that this is why the doctor noticed it at her last appointment and no other doctors had up to that point.  I think this is about all he said.  The main thing is she is healthy, the hole is not stopping her heart from functioning normally and the doctor said he shouldn’t have to see her again unless our ped thinks it is getting worse.  Praise God for being so gracious and kind to us!!  This is such a huge relief and we are so thankful for our sweet, beautiful Susannah!  And Josiah has been healthy now for about a couple of weeks.  His ear infections are gone and his hives have now been gone for a week.  We will still be doing his breathing treatments for his asthma until the cold and flu season ends.  He just got a new nebulizer and it has a purple dinosaur/monster mask which he really likes, so that helps the treatments to go more smoothly. 

Here are a few pics of the past few weeks: 


Susie B sporting her capris

Josiah decided he needed a turn in the exersaucer.

The kind of bath you give when Daddy is out of town.

We had a flat tire and Josiah was helping Daddy change the tire.

All dressed up for her appointment with the cardiologist.

“Josiah, where is your tongue?”

“Which thing am I supposed to play with?!?”

Susannah’s new friend.




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