Grandparents + a cowboy + sunflower + birthday = A Great Weekend

Papa and Grandma Neubrand came down this weekend to visit and we had a great time.  Saturday we went to downtown Franklin for the Pumpkinfest. We had a blast!  The highlights consisted of watching chubby boys do a scottish/irish dance, seeing Chewbacca, and waiting in line way too long for some way too tasty kettle corn!  Later that night we got Josiah and Susannah in costume. Since it was a bit chilly outside we decided to just take Josiah out.  Thank you to Shusha for finding our costumes this year-they were so cute!  At our first house Josiah threw his bag at the people as if to say, “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll fill it up!”  Then, at the second house there was a child handing out candy. I think Josiah felt more comfortable dealing with someone his own size.  When the other kid would put candy in Josiah’s bag, Josiah would take a piece of his piece (from the first house) and put it in their bowl.  He’s such a generous and thoughtful boy-we had to explain our strategy to him after visiting that house:  The goal of the evening is to get the most candy possible!!

On Sunday we celebrated my birthday!  We went to church, out to eat at Panera, on a fast paced shopping trip, and then Jed “cooked” dinner.  After dinner, Jed brought in some roses that he and Josiah picked out.  They are the most beautiful roses I’ve seen!

Enjoy the photos-

Papa and Susannah

At the Pumpkinfest

The Cowboy

Our little sunflower

Reading the Word before heading out to trick-or-treat

My Birthday bouquet


2 responses to “Grandparents + a cowboy + sunflower + birthday = A Great Weekend

  • Granny Shusha

    Great job!! Such wonderful pictures, they both look so cute, and their mother and father are pretty cute too! Thanks for getting the pictures up so fast. And I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

    Love you –

  • Lindsay

    Oh my word…Josiah’s smiles are hilarious! And, he looked mighty suspicious of being a cowboy at first. He seemed to settle into the role quite nicely, though.

    Susannah is getting so big…and looks like she might have a future as a philosopher…so stoic.

    Looking forward to seeing y’all!

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