Our 2 Turkeys

We are so thankful for these two wonderful, beautiful, sanctifying children God has entrusted to us.  We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!!


2 responses to “Our 2 Turkeys

  • Dana (Lankford) Andrews

    Just found your blog through Tiffany’s, and wanted to say hello… and hope you’re doing well here! I enjoyed looking at your sweet kiddos, and can’t believe HOW FAST they grow! Our Shaelyn Jade is 6 1/2 months already! Check our our blog sometime…www.andrewsovertherainbow.blogspot.com

    Merry Christmas!

    Dana (Lankford) Andrews

  • Chesed

    I have been abundantly blessed and all I had to do was threaten to cut you both off for life.
    Top 4 things of the video:

    1. Mother Hen Josiah feeding and clapping for Susannah.
    2. Susannah going to suck her thumb then realizing she needs both hands on the table to stay afloat.
    3. Your calm lovely daughter staying that way while you see little bits of something else going in and out of the screen- knowing Josiah is wreaking havoc while she chills.
    4. Susannah lighting up when her mommy push something on the table.

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