Our first Olan Mills moment

The kids matched for church this past Sunday and even though we lost an hour, we still managed to have a photo shoot.  Thank you, Jed!  Enjoy the cuteness!

Susannah was having a blast eating and wearing her dinner the other night.  Who knew table food could be so much fun?

A cuter, cleaned up Susannah.

Susannah has figured out how to climb stairs.  My life just got more interesting.  Josiah helps me out by yelling, “No, Nannah” so I know I need to get over to the stairs ASAP. 


6 responses to “Our first Olan Mills moment

  • Lindsay

    So glad for this new post! Sus looks just like Josiah in that food pic! Crazy!

    Can’t wait to see y’all! T-minus 1 month or so.

  • Erin

    Susannah looks cute in your dress!

  • Aunt Cheesehead

    AAAAAHHHHHHHH– This makes me soooo happy. Susannah has such a little personality- I LOVE it. She is such a sassy cutie- and that dress kills me. I want to steal them. Now, if I could just get the OTHER Coppengers to update their blog.

  • Granny Shusha

    How precious these two are! I don’t know if you’ll ever be able to top Susannah’s picture with the food in the hair and oh, so, happy face! It will definitely need to go in her high school year book!

  • devinmaddox

    I dont know how I would make through the day sometimes if I wasn’t able to look at pictures of Josiah. If you ever get tired of him, we’ll take him.

  • Cara Maddox

    Oh my word! I obviously haven’t seen pictures of Susannah in a long while! She is so big! and the cutest little thing! Love to you!

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