Monthly Archives: October 2010

Autumn Adventures

We’ve had a very full past couple of months.  Lots of travel, fun, friends, family.  We got to travel with Jed to Louisville and while we were there we went on a date to the Josh Turner concert, (Thank you Lindsay!!) enjoyed the generous hospitality of the Maddox’s, hung out at Huber Farm with the Powell family and Lindsay Swartz, and got to attend Cody McNutt’s 30th surprise party.  We always have such a great time catching up with our Louisville friends.

Josh Turner concert

The whole gang at Huber's

Kind of obsessed with tractors.

The Jones family invited us out to play, let the kids ride the horse and enjoy a bon fire.  It was such a great evening.  We have really enjoyed getting to know this family.  The kids had one of the most fun-filled evenings of their lives.  They rode a horse, a donkey, saw a pig, a goat and a babydoll sheep.  Their daughter is just a year older than Josiah and they had a blast riding on the four-wheeler.  I think that if Josiah knew he could voice his desires for Christmas, this is what he would ask for.  Thankfully, he’s still unaware of the “Christmas list”.

Josiah's first horse ride

Tricia and Susannah on "Burrito"

Josiah, Susannah and Jed pose with "Rocky"

THE 4-wheeler

Susannah's first ride

Susannah has learned how to do the “cheese” smile when someone takes her picture.  I turned around the other day and the kids where both sitting at the desk reading and I was so glad the camera was laying on the desk.  When I am out with them, most everyone asks if they are twins.


Our neighborhood has a Fall Festival each October with food and a costume contest.  We dressed the kids up and just intended to stay for the food, but we had several people come up and take Josiah’s picture and tell us they thought he would win the contest.  We really needed to get back, but went ahead and stayed.  Josiah and Susannah were entered into the 0-4 yr old category, and by round of applause, Josiah made it into the top 3.  It was going to be close, there was a little boy dressed up as Indiana Jones and it was good.  But there was no mistaking it, Josiah was  the clear winner and I think all the cheers, screams and clapping scared him a bit.  We were so glad we ended up staying.  Good family memories.

The Cowboy with his horse

There were several hay bales and Josiah made sure and fed his horse at each one.

Tinkerbell is happy with a sucker

The winner with his gift certificate

We also enjoyed a visit from Gagee and DeDa.  They got to stay with us for a night and the kids spent every moment entertaining them.  We had such a blast getting to see them.  It had been way too long.

Gagee feeding Susannah her bedtime snack

Posing for a picture before saying good-bye.