Going someplace warmer

“But how can they call on Him they have not believed in?  And how can they believe without hearing about Him?”  Romans 10:14

Jed and I will be leaving this Saturday, January 22 with a team from our church to travel to West Africa for a mission trip.  We will be telling stories to the “B” group and helping them with their daily routine.  One day we will travel to a nearby village and story with them as well.  In the evenings we will have church and story with everyone as a group.  Words will be the way we tell these people about Jesus, some who have never even heard the name before.  This is an incredible opportunity and we are honored to get to be a part of this mission.  We will be gone from January 22-January 30.  Please pray for our team as we travel, tell the stories, pray for good health, and pray for those who will hear for the first time as well as those who are striving to grow in their faith.  Also pray for our two kids and our gracious babysitters who will be watching them for us while we are gone.  We look forward to sharing with y’all the great stories from the trip!  Thank you all in advance for your prayers.


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