Monthly Archives: September 2009

Visit to the new pediatrician

We finally got in for our check ups with our new pediatrician.  It’s unbelieveable how busy pediatricians offices are during the month of August, plus it takes a couple of weeks for records to be transferred, so we were a little behind on our visits. 

Susannah’s stats for 2 3/4 months:

Height:  23 3/4″ (50%)

Weight:  12 lbs 5 oz (50-75%)

Head:  15 3/4″ (50-75%)

She is doing great sleeping at night-usually goes 10 hours between feedings-and does great during the day.  Then 5:30PM hits and she prefers to be in the arms of someone she loves.  She really likes to work out the lungs for a couple hours in the evening, but she’s starting to get better at self soothing.

Josiah’s stats for 18 1/2 months:

Height:  30 3/4″ (10%)

Weight:  22 lbs 5 oz (10%)

Head 19 1/2″ (75%)

The doctor said he doesn’t look like he’s missing a meal, and he’s moving along the curve as he should, she said he’s just short for his age.  She wanted to know how tall Jed was, apparently she’s thinking Susannah may get the height in the family.  Great!  The good thing is that most boys don’t really hit a growth spurt until jr. high/high school.  Until then, we will just be excited to know that he’ll always be on the front row in group pictures!