Peter Cottontail

Josiah celebrated his first Easter this past Sunday in a special outfit from Granny.  The fun only lasted a few hours before Josiah decided he had a good way to get Mom and Dad to take the outfit off…



3 responses to “Peter Cottontail

  • Caleb Clardy

    Dear Fellow Parents of a Small Boy,

    Thanks for sharing these pictures of the Josiah’s first Easter. I feel like an old person when I say that the time really flies, but it’s true nevertheless. Tell Josiah if he wants to have some Shrimp Fried Rice in a rather shady establishment in Chinatown that we know just the place. Also, Elijah had a question for Josiah, “Aren’t onsie’s awesome?”
    OK, goodbye for now.


  • Chesed

    Awww-how adorable- can you put a butt shot up too please?

  • Owen

    That is one of the funniest pics I’ve seen in a while. Jed, how can you let them do that to your boy?

    Very cute, guys. I especially like the ears. Clearly Josiah does not.

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